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Welcome to Wondermaine's Cattery...

Let me tell you a little about ourselves... We are four Maine Coons living in a small country in Eastern Europe known as Romania.  We've come from all over the continent to live with our wonderful owners Sabina and Claudia that treat us like the royalty we are. They give us delicious treats and never ending cuddles (but who's complaining) so we are the happiest cats in the world. We love spending our days in the outside catrun birdwatching and sunbathing or sleeping our days off on the couch with our humans. In our home you will find our Chihuahua brother who's also our slave so you could say we are a bunch of fearless kitties. 

From time to time in our cozy home we will have kittens, so if you want your own Coonie with great temperament, and amazing looks ( I mean have you seen us), then contact Sabina! 

- Roxette, Haze, Renesme and Miso